Street of Dreams participant

    About Me:
    I am an experienced master mason contractor specializing in residential and commercial
    work.  I listen closely and value every customer’s ideas and wishes turning them into
    beautiful works of art.  I look forward to working closely with you to make your dreams a
    reality in an easy and efficient business relationship.

    My Core Values:
    I treat all my customers with respect at all times by always being prompt, punctual and
    dedicated to each job.  It is my responsibility to add to the beauty and value of each job,
    so I commit to keeping the worksite clean and organized at all times.

    I do not give false promises, just honest advice and the drive to create a product beyond
    your expectations.

    My business is locally owned operated because I love what I do and I am driven to
    produce beautiful works of art.  I enjoy sharing my creativity and love of this craft with all
    my customers.

    Solid Relationships
    Solid communication and trusting relationships is the key to success in planning and
    designing your dreams. I want to work closely with you to build exactly what you are
    looking for.

    I am committed to guiding you through the process of planning and designing your
    dreams one step at a time. I invite and value all of your ideas, while giving solid advice
    and direction based on my vast expertise.

    Attention to Detail
    While creativity and passion are important, I also bring 25 years of experience and
    knowledge of the trade to make sure every job is done correctly and above building codes.

    Reasons to Hire Me:
    25 Years Experience
    I have 25 years working in the masonry trade on a variety of jobs ranging from the "Street
    of Dreams" to repairs in Oregon and Washington.  I have worked as a foreman for private
    companies, the masonry union and for my own company. This extensive experience is
    what sets my work apart from my competition.

    Pride in My Work
    I set high work standards for myself and everyone working with me.  Hiring Baker
    Masonry LLC means an experienced and skilled craftsman will be the one doing your job.

    Detailed Proposals
    What is shown in my proposals is what you get. There will never be any surprises or
    added costs. I give very detailed and specific explanations of each step of the job, giving
    you a thorough understanding of what your job entails.

    Creativity and Vision
    I am constantly learning new skills and techniques through classes provided by my trade,
    and adding new ideas through observations of architecture around me. I enjoy bringing
    the detail of old world masonry to today's streamlined approach, giving each job a classic
    masonry look with today's techniques.

    Locally Owned and Operated
    I am the owner of Baker Masonry LLC and the lead mason on every job.  My employees
    are qualified in all aspects of the job, and help me efficiently complete each project in a
    timely manner.  I am always looking for possible new employees that will add value,
    creativity and hard work to my company.  

    Your Happiness Is My Success. I believe each customer is unique and should be treated
    so.  I value a close and trusting relationship with every customer so that we can effectively
    work together to add beauty and value to every project.

    My Professional Bio:
    Work History
    1988-1992. I worked as a Hod carrier tending to masons and learning details of the trade.

    1992-1994. I became an apprentice mason performing all aspects of the installation of

    1994-2000. I earned the title of journeyman mason, meaning I was certified in all aspects
    of masonry.

    2000-present. Known as a master mason in the field of masonry, often called upon by my
    colleagues to answer a variety of masonry questions and give advice based on my vast
    masonry expertise.

    Prestigious Jobs
    I have had numerous experiences working on homes included in "The Street of Dreams". I
    have also helped in the designing of several high end customs homes in Oregon and
    Washington.  I have built many industrial and commercial buildings in the Portland-metro
    area.  In 1994  a customer flew me to his native country, Nagoya, Japan to veneer his
    home completely with brick.

    Well Known Customers:
    Clyde Drexler
    Bryant Grant
    Brandon Roy
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